Saturday, May 1, 2010

My Biggest Pet Peeve

Ok, so my kids do a lot that annoys me, but they are also really sweet kids.  One of the things that really bothers me though is that when I ask them to do something, the answer is ALWAYS "Ok, hang on!"  I absolutely hate that!  I mean in all seriousness, if I wanted them to do it later, I would ask them later, what's so hard to understand about that?

Then there's the expectations. I do a lot for my kids, and I have tried to give them everything I didn't get when I was a kid.  We gave Travis one of our cars for his 16th birthday.  (No, it wasn't a new car, but don't feel too bad for him, it's a 1986 Toyota Supra that he LOVES and thinks is super sexy!)  But if it needs something (like last week it needed brakes) he expects to use my car...doesn't even ask!

And my youngest expects to be taken to Benicia (the town we lived in before we moved here) every weekend.  It's a $4.00 bridge toll and 40 miles each way, times 2 trips (dropping him off and picking him up.)  Or, if one of his friends from Benicia comes out here, he expects me to either pick them up or give them a ride home.  His friends' parents never offer to do that for me!

But my biggest pet peeve with them is how they dress.  I am a pretty easy going mom when it comes to their "styles."  If they want long hair, fine, short hair, fine, I've even let my youngest die his hair blue!  And I remember when I was a kid, the worst thing a parent had to deal with was guys having long hair.  I remember when punk came out and I told my friend "OMG, I hope we won't have to deal with anything like that!"  So now punk has evolved, and all the kids are into piercings, and I am so-so okay with that.

But the PANTS.  The saggy pants.  Even with belts on.  It drives my TOTALLY crazy.  I absolutely hate it.  Now my kids aren't as bad as some of the teenagers around here.  I see some where the crotch is at their knees, the pants are 5 sizes too big, and the kids have to hold them up with their hands as they walk around.  That's pathetic.  What's the point of wearing pants?

My kids look more like fact, this picture could EASILY be of my boys and one of their friends:

I am constantly hounding them to PULL UP YOUR PANTS, and my kids sigh and act like I'm the big green meanie.  But it seems I'm not alone.

This image is from someone on Facebook called PULL UP YOUR PANTS YOU LOOK LIKE A F***ING IDIOT!!
and there are 795,631 peeps that "like" the posts (and counting.)  So all is well in mom world, apparently I am not alone in my perspective of these stupid pants these kids wear.

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