Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What's a Mom to Do? Wants to Know Wednesday

What REALLY creeps you out? It could be anything...a look someone gives you, a critter, a movie, a person, a sound...
Whatever it is post it here!

I have two things and they're both critters:

Moths and Oriental Cockroaches

That's how bad they creep me out; I have to use the smallest print.  Moths creep me out because they ignore your personal space and don't seem to have a clue on where they're going.  I used to bartend and once a moth was flying behind the bar and it cornered me and wouldn't leave and wouldn't let me get past it to get away from it, no matter how much I squealed.  Everybody in the bar had a hugely good time at my expense.  I never heard the end of it either.  All I wanna say is get over it already.  After all, everyone has something that freaks them out.

As far as Oriental Cockroaches, (also known as Water Bugs) those things are just gross.  They are the bugs that were used in the movie "Men In Black" when Will Smith was stepping on them saying "Oh, I'm sorry, was that your Auntie?"  And they're top heavy, so they tend to fall over on their backs and their nasty little legs are going  a mile a minute as they try to right themselves.  Then they spin...on their backs.  How they do it is beyond me, but it just makes my skin crawl.  Literally.  God must have been having a nightmare when He created those things.  

I do believe all of God's creatures have the right to live...just not in my house!


Until tomorrow, Jennifer said...

following from MBC...thanks for stopping by my blog and giving me the energy tips....after reading your post i unplugged 5 things that didnt need to be plugged in and started running dishwasher at night. thanks

Kat said...

I hate all types of bugs period...Once I see a bug I stare at it until someone else kills it...I feel like if i look away the bug will be able to run away..but then I'm too afraid to kill it

Debbie said...

Spiders top my list. Oh, they are so creepy.
As is Jim Carrey.

MamaTink said...

OK Spiders (Daddy Long Legs specifically), Mosquitoes and Zombies!! Oh yea and those hand mannequins (sp.) and possessed dolls like Chucky! Can't even be in the room when they are on TV.

family of 4 on the move! said...

I tried to fix your button on my page because it said deleted but no luck. I am not the best with puter stuff though! Let me know if I need to do a diff button for you.
ohh and I looove your blog!!!

I'm a Mom said...

LOL! I love all your comments!

Gina F said...

I HATE cockroaches and spiders. They can go live somewhere else besides my house. They make my skin crawl. YECK! HAVE A NICE FREE BUG DAY!!!

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family of 4 on the move! said...

Hehe ok so what is a source code and where exactly do I put the -1 ? LOL I had someone else do my page and html coding is waaay out of my league!

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