Monday, April 5, 2010

Quit Cramping My Style!

Kids are home for Spring break, and hubby is home for a week for vacation.  Boy is this cramping my style.  First of all, I feel like if they are on vacation, I should be too!  (We can just forget the part that I am unemployed right now!)  So I feel like I shouldn't have to do, cooking, shopping, washing clothes or any other of my routines.  (So who do I think I am, a diva?)  But they all still think I should be doing all of my normal stuff.  What's wrong with that picture?

Additionally, I tape certain TV shows that I can watch during the day to break up the monotony of the day.  I tape them rather than watch them when they're on so I can skip commercials!  (Don't you just LOVE TiVo?)  Seems lately I am on a reality show kick.  I like The Biggest Loser, Dancing with the Stars, Celebrity Apprentice, Celebrity Fit Boot Camp, Sober House, Extreme Makeover Home Edition, etc. etc.  I used to claim I didn't like reality TV, because I never watched American Idol or Survivor or the one where people did disgusting things (I can't even remember the name of that one.)  But lately I've looked at what I record and most are reality TV shows.  Yikes!

Hubby, unfortunately, doesn't like these shows at all.  So while I'm on "vacation", I am expecting to catch up on all of my recorded shows, right?  NOT.  Hubby has taken over the TV!  And to make things worse, he is sick, too, so all he does is lay on the couch and watch the History Channel and shows like that, usually about wars.  I hate shows about wars (except maybe the Civil War...I really think I might have lived in those days because I am so drawn to that era.)  And the other shows he watches (mostly educational) I already learned most (not all) of it in college!  Key point here...boring.

But I digress.  I made a post last month (which I lost) about being careful what you wish for, where I complained about having too much alone time.  So my point is some point, I definitely need to find a balance here!


MamaTink said...

I adore my DVR too!! Now I don't feel bad about my busy schedule!

Debbie's L'Bri said...

Having kids and hubby on break actually makes more work for mom. lol

Michele said...

I agree with so much of what you said. When everyone is home for days, I get crazed in so many ways. But then again I talk to older people who are alone and long for the days their kids were around. So the key is definitely balance and to find time for YOU. Come over to our blog to help learn how to keep you and everyone in the family sane at We have an awesome giveaway this week too! Look forward to visiting your blog.

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