Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Power of Paying Attention

Managing a household on a tight budget is a challenge for any mom.  Getting an energy bill month after month that is anywhere from $350 to $400 each and every month was really putting a dent in my bank account, as well as limiting my food budget and other items.  I contacted my energy company and they said we use over twice as much electricity as other households...YIKES!  So my husband and I decided last month to really make an effort to cut electricity usage.  We decided to really pay attention to what energy we were using.

I have been nagging my kids for years to turn off lights when they weren't in a room.  Yet they still forget.  So I made it my mission to go around checking to see if all the lights were off.  Our garage and kitchen have those old, larger florescent bulbs, and apparently those take a LOT of electricity.  Hubby's been leaving them on during the day when he's working on something even if the garage door open.  We put an end to that.  We use the light over the kitchen table now for light, instead of the florescent lights.  I quit doing laundry during the day, and don't run the dishwasher until after 7 p.m.  People would leave their cell phone chargers plugged in, even if they weren't charging their phones, but not anymore.

Laugh if you want, but those simple changes cut my electricity bill from $300 a month to $80!

Unplug lamps you don't use and use energy saving bulbs in the ones you do.  Plug all of your computer stuff and gadgets (printers, etc.) into a power strip and turn the power strip off when not in use.  Do the same with your TV and accessories.  In the winter, leave your oven door open after cooking to help heat your home, and in the summer try to BBQ as often as possible.


Until tomorrow, Jennifer said...

wow that is amazing. I live in mew york. my electricity is winter its about 350 and in the summer i have seen 700 and 800 bills. we switched to to those new energy bulbs, got a few energy star appliances but is doesnt seem to make a difference, i am going to habe to try unplugging things thanks for the tip

Kat said...

wow!!! I wanted to ask how does it make a difference doing the laundry during the day or night? We don't usually run the dishwasher, but do have alot of stuff plugged in...

Kat said...

Hi Jacki! I'm already your follower! :) Thanks for following me as well and thanks for your information...I didn't know about the cheaper charges during night time!

I went to Pittsburgh..I had 32hrs layover there!

Debbie's L'Bri said...

Our energy bill goes up about $100 in the winter when the boys put water heaters in the calf water. We don't have calves in the winter anymore. Saves lots of money.

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