Tuesday, April 6, 2010


(This is one of the posts I lost and recovered, but I have added to it.) 

A lot of husbands and wives give each other nicknames and we give our kids nicknames  as well.  We've even given our dog nicknames...several of them.  The first being Pumba, cuz he prances like the pig in "Lion King."  Another is Lawn Gnome, cuz he sits in our front yard like a statue; the only thing that moves is his nose...constantly sniffing the gazillion smells to be smelled only in the front of our house!  My personal favorite is Sir WhineAlot, which is self explanatory.

Many years ago I gave my oldest the nickname "Honeydo" because he is always so willing to help me with something, or to do something for me.  I gave my youngest the nickname "Love Bug" because he has always been very affectionate and loving.  Of course over the years "Love Bug" became "Bug Aboo" and finally now it is just "Bug."  He doesn't mind though.

They each then decided to give me a nickname:  my youngest calls me his "Aboo Bug" and my oldest calls me his "Prettiful Woman (how sweet was that?)  Kids...ya gotta love them.

I think it would be very interesting for those who read this to please reply with the nicknames you've given your kids, and any they have given you!


Shell said...

Prettiful woman? That's adorable!

I call my kids by their nicknames on my blog- Monkey, Bear(though he used to be Little Bear) and Cub.

Hubs calls me "Peanut."

Missie said...

I have plenty of nicknames for my family and sometimes they're not nice! LOL

I'm a Mom said...

LOL Missie, I have those too!

Debbie's L'Bri said...

I call my boys that are teens an older big guy. Because by the time they are 13 they are taller then I am. I like calling my girls missy.. I am not sure why. One of my girls I call sweet cakes because she likes to cook and bake.


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