Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Baby Isn't My Baby Anymore!

My youngest turned 15 last October.  Tomorrow he is getting his driver's permit.  I know most of you mom bloggers out there have kids a lot younger than mine, so you may not be able to relate.

But do you remember when you got your driver's license / permit?  I sure do. The feeling of independence and freedom was overwhelming.  Not to mention the fact that you "think" you are grown up at 15.

My youngest has always been very independent...he hates it when I say "You are only 15!" when he wants to do something I think is too adult for him (like go to another town for a concert, or whatever.)  But now that he's getting his permit tomorrow, I have to admit I hate the idea that my baby has grown up.  He won't need me anymore.  In six months he will be a free spirit (which is a good thing) but it makes me feel like I am losing my identity as a mom.

I am just praying that my kids see me the same way my hubby sees his mom.  They are very close, and he used to ask me if it bothered me that they were, and my answer was always "HECK no!  Men treat their wives the way they treat their moms."  I want to be close with my kids my entire life, I want them to always want to be in contact with me and always want to see me, just as their dad is with his mom.

But now that the both of them are grown up, it scares me.  I wish they were 2 and 5 again.  I sure miss that age...


Coffee Please!?! said...

Hi Jacki - I'm following you from this week's FF - I'm a little late....been a crazy, crazy weekend. Everyone always tells me to take the time to enjoy my youngest at 2 and my older two at 7 and 8 but it seems to go by so quickly -- and the problems that we face daily (which aren't really problems, as they are bumps in the road) ... whew ... love your blog. have a great monday!

Debbie said...

Mine are old too and it does go by far too fast. I want mine to be young again too!

kelly said...

Hello from and Friday Follow! Loving your blog and looking forward to following!

cfoxes33 said...

My oldest just get her temps 3 weeks ago. She is scared to death to drive.

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