Friday, April 2, 2010

Guilty Pleasures

I know that being a mom I feel a LOT of guilt...I punished them too harshly, I'm not being the best mom, I didn't give them enough quality time today, I snapped at them for no reason...the list is endless. But there are some instances that I feel guilty about, but I can't help but want to not feel guilty! Case in point...we are a family that makes fun of each other. My husband tried to be "cool" once and said to the kids "Give me the 911" when he should have said "Give me the 411" (information - get it?) Anyway, we all laughed so hard, and we have never let him hear the end of it. Once I asked the clerk at a hot dog stand "Do you put chili on your chili dogs?" when I meant to say "Do you put onions on your chili dogs?" but my kids heard what came out of my mouth and they laugh at me all the time about it. Okay, so we laugh, and I feel guilty about teasing my husband, or my kids when it's warranted, but it's still FUN!

My youngest went up to the snow one weekend with his friends and he showed me a video (see my "Ice Breaker" video below) and I laughed SO HARD! (And you will too!) And I felt guilty about it, but he was laughing too, and he knew I was laughing with him, not at him, so we were okay. But I still to this day feel bad about laughing every time I see it. But check out the video and I bet you laugh as well. Be warned though, there are some "bad words" said, but you really need to listen to a lot of it because one of the funniest parts is what he worries about the most right after the incident happens.



Dina said...

good morning getting through the follow friday list

Mrs. Sanchez said...

No reason to feel guilty about laughing WITH your kids. Laughing AT them is different, I think laughing AT themselves is a great skill for them to have.


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Debbie's L'Bri said...

I live with a husband who constantly jokes. It have brought some hard feeling with a couple of kids... I guess is what I am trying to say is everything is not a joke....

Missie said...

Hello! Fellow Friday Follower here. Nice to meet you. I'm now following your blog and hope you'll follow me.

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