Sunday, April 11, 2010

Blogger's Block

Do you ever get "Bloggers Block" (similar to Writers Block)?  I have the exact opposite problem.  I think of so many things I want to say in my blog, but it's usually late at night and I don't have the energy to write it all down.  Granted I am pretty new to this, so of course I think I have a lot to say.  Maybe the day will come where I do get Bloggers Block and will not be able to post every day.  But until then, this is a serious problem for me, because usually the next day I forget most of my ideas.

So at first I thought I could write my idea topic (one word) down, and refer back to it later and then I would have something to jump-start my creative juices.  Didn't work.  I looked at that list and I wondered what I was thinking?  My list consisted of various entries, such as friends, dreams, TV, school, clothes (oh, that one I remember!)  Most of these I have no idea what I wanted to say!

So I have devised a new plan of action.  If you have lots to say, then this might help you as well!  I start writing my post, just the main idea, and then copy it to notepad and save the file in a folder named "Unpublished Blog Posts."  Then if one day I can't think of what to write, I have my ideas already written.  It doesn't take much for me to finish a post once I read the main idea.  Topics don't help, but I have found this solution very helpful and I can even use them in the future when I am burdened by Bloggers Block.


Missie said...

I use Liver Writer when writing blog entries. I can start to write and then save it as a draft to go back to it later. Live Writer also publishes your post directly to your blog for you.

Debbie's L'Bri said...

That is a great idea. I usually write my blogs while I am waiting for my kids so I write them on paper. Then I have to type them into the computer.

jewelknits said...

I've only been blogging earnestly for a little over a month now (although my blog has passed it's first birthday)! I use Blogger, so I do pretty much the same as you...if I think a random thought or have an idea that I'd like to write about, I start a post and save it to draft. For instance, I know I have two books coming for review, so I've put the posts together (title, cover pic, tags, links and such). That way, when each book is completed, all I have to fill in is the actual review and hit "Publish" :)

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